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Leather Backpack Made in France – Be Surprenant


A daring choice perfect for lounging under the pines on your bike with your very soft leather backpack in the vitamin colors of the Sedona landscape.

Comfortable worn on the back with its unique leather strap. It slides easily into the large flat eyelets gilded with fine gold. Very functional, it allows a quick opening and naturally reinforces the closure.

Its standard size accommodates all your daily necessities, for your business trips as well as for your leisure activities.

Surprise inside! A removable Leather pouch with the logo sewn on to create relief. Customizable stitching to order.

All in full grain cowhide leather.

Delivered with its protective fabric pouch CouleurSedona.


Color : Snoopy


Dimensions : 9,45” x 12,2” x 3,94”
Strap height : 14,17”


Leather Pouch: 7,68” x 5,12”




You are looking for an Original Leather Goods item with beautiful colors? From a Timeless Bag Collection, as our customers remind us, with beautiful jewels and high quality finishes. CouleurSedona has everything to please women and men who like to treat themselves with a nice backpack. With a range of creations that demonstrate the extent of our local craftsmanship.

The Leather Backpack and its Designer Zip Pouch – all in Leather

Very functional, this Backpack is made of full grain cowhide leather, and its color is very easy to match in summer and winter. When opening the bag we love the natural lambskin leather label with the logo in hot stamping, the velvet interior and its storage pocket, and the lined leather reinforcement stitched at the bottom of the bag. Its leather-lined straps are very comfortable on the shoulder or worn on the arm, its standard volume is dedicated to the essentials. Its jewelry makes it even more beautiful while remaining sober and spacious.

Large Flat Eyelets Gilded with Fine Gold – Handcrafted from A to Z in France

With a Local Know-how, The House CouleurSedona offers you an authentic backpack with alternating edge-to-edge and flat stitching. We take care of the finishing touches by applying dye to the leather slices by hand with a small brush. The large flat gold-plated eyelets are custom made for our brand in a workshop in France. The piercing and the installation of the eyelets are carried out in an Artisanal way on a manual press. We take the time to cut, and make from A to Z each step of your leather goods, for a quality result.

An Original Leather Bag with a single mobile strap for a back or shoulder carry

Finally, an all-leather Backpack that knows how to stand out! We dare to mix colors with its straps that can be worn at any time of the day. For those who are always on the move, whether on foot or on two wheels. This beautiful piece of leather goods will stand out with casual wear and jogging-sneakers.

Classy for your urban trips on foot or by bike

Naturally beautiful! For women who are looking for a leather backpack to carry their essentials. For young mothers who need an original and very practical fashion accessory with children. For all women who are sensitive to creation, to handmade designer pieces and in an ethical, eco-responsible spirit. Also for men looking for a beautiful piece of leather goods, a unique gift.

Care of your Full Grain Cowhide Leather Backpack

This Full Grain Leather Backpack requires very little maintenance, but you must know how to take care of it. Protect your backpack from havy rain, heat and prolonged exposure to the sun. If it has been rained on, let it dry well in a temperate room, ideally with white tissue paper inside. For storage, it is advisable to put it back flat in its fabric pouch offered in a dry place away from any humidity. To protect your leather, you can use a ”special milk for leather care”, clean with a soft cotton cloth without lint. Spread a small amount of cream on the cloth to nourish the leather, and apply gently in circular motions. Let dry and wipe gently.