The expert Eye

I draw and carry out the study of each model, cut, glue,sew, make and shape each handbag and pouch in luxury leather skin with the colors of Sedona.

Each operation must be perfectly handcrafted with a real delicate dexterity, all the products are checked one by one before each shipment. 


Full grain leather

CouleurSedona strives to supply ourselves in short circuit using a selection of skins from the dormant stocks of French luxury factories.

Step by step

I’m looking for the best combination of materials and shapes for customers in love with originality. We take the time to make a beautiful product with a high ended quality rewarded by the French Art craftmanship.

Solid brass jewelry

All our accessories are custom-designed in close collaboration with experts in machining for leather goods accessories.We emphasize the high quality and resistance of our products which add value to our creations.

Haute couture & relaxed style

My experience with the biggest luxury houses of underwear Barbara, and fashion leather good Chanel, made me want to create my own brand with unique pieces very high-ended, and sometimes with a touch of eccentricity.

Entirely craftmade in France

The installation of eyelets requires a series of manipulations with high precision tools stetting to guarantee a perfectly successful crimping. We give great importance to all of these details for an exceptional final look.